The Design

EVERY PROJECT IS UNIQUE and every project has a specific need that may be different from past projects. Whether you desire a classic look or one that is very modern, we at Church Design & Construction can deliver what you want as the end result.

One of the unique characteristics of a project and its leadership is that they often have some type of vision of what their new or remodeled facilities may look like. Through your years of collaborative conversation, your specific design is just under the surface and needs to be discovered. Our design team will work with your operations leadership and assist in obtaining what it is that your project needs to further the specific objectives.

blue prints

Every project
is unique. We will consult with you to design
the project that you desire. The samples in this brochure are here to illustrate and explain the design and construction process that we use at Church Design & Construction, and to show you a small sampling of our capability.

It is one thing to be able to create a nice design for remodeled or future build- ings. However it is just as important to create the new design in a manner that can be built cost effectively. It is not uncommon for Church Design & Construction to be called upon to help a project that has completed the design process, and now the project is coming in at double the budget. This common mistake should not happen: instead of retaining a true developer, a project owner may choose to retain a single building engineer or a single contractor and this is where the project gets off track. The project must have an independent advocate who understands all aspects of the project – without exception – including costs and constructability.

Rest assured that when you retain Church Design & Construction to be your Project Developer, Project Manager, and Construction Manager, your result will be a cost effective, beautiful design that reflects your organization for years to come.

walkway with arches

VERY IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not view the designs on this website and conclude that your new design must be similar to any visual illustrations in this brochure or on our website. Every design is unique.