CD&C will reduce a project’s risk right from the start

The most difficult decision that our clients face about real estate development projects is whether or not to move forward at the very beginning. CD&C dramatically reduces the unknown factors associated with this early phase.

Creating a master plan provides a long term vision of the church site including an understanding of what is possible when it is 100% build out. One major oversight churches often make is not to create a “Master Plan.” Every week CD&C visits an existing church site where the church desires to expand its facilities only to find out that the new expansion project is limited by existing structures and lack of a “Master Plan.” CD&C strongly recommends that every church have a “Master Plan” on how your facilities will be expanded or improved to support your ministries.


Master planning and programming for your church campus
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Sanctuary
  • Pre-School
  • K thru 5th Grade (elementary)
  • 6th thru 8th Grade (middle)
  • 9th thru 12th Grade (high)
  • Before & After School Programs
  • Youth Fellowship
  • Gymnasium
  • Outdoor Fellowship
  • Indoor Fellowship
  • Coffee Shop
  • Book Store
  • Adult Day Care
  • Senior Housing
  • Assisted Living