Our project managers and support team provide complete operational and management services for every component of the development without exception. Every project must have a strong leader, which helps ensure success.

CD&C’s project manager has an obligation to protect the interests of the entire development. Additionally, the project manager has the ability to create and support open communication between various groups such as the Architects and the Construction teams. This dialogue under the direction of a strong project manager can dramatically save the project time and money.

CD&C’s Development Management areas of responsibility include but are not limited to the following:

  • Project Management
  • Cost Control
  • Document Control & Tracking
  • Master Scheduling
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Assign Project Team
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Insurances
  • Special Licensing & Processing
  • Claims Prevention

    General Role of a Project Manager

  • Reviews, evaluates, and monitors planning, budgets, costs, and schedules in accordance with authorized baseline and contracts.
  • Manages construction activity in accordance with approved project documents, established engineering practices, and construction industry standards.
  • Performs review of design and construction documents to ensure project constructability
  • Ensures compliance with environmental, safety and health, quality assurance, and Occupational Safety and Health Act requirements
  • Conducts construction project management briefings and prepares reports to reflect project status, cost and schedule trends, work force adequacy, funding, and project uncertainties.
  • Ensures that accurate and timely project documentation is maintained over the construction project life cycle (configuration management implementation).

    Specific Role of a Project Manager

  • Provides input on designs and plans
  • Selection procedures for project vendors
  • Supervises project vendors
  • Reviews and makes suggestions for the specifications
  • Reviews and makes suggestions bid documents
  • Calculates quantities
  • Estimates cost
  • Evaluates proposals and bids
  • Awards contracts
  • Makes field inspections of contractors
  • Issues payment quantities
  • Issues pay estimates
  • Issues change orders
  • Issues final payments
  • Issues project warranties
  • Provides final inspections
  • Handles occupancy permits