Project Budgeting

Project Budgeting

Church Design and Construction can provide project budgeting services at every phase of the project. If a church is not provided reasonable estimated budgets it can be the difference of having the project built or not having it built. When projects are not represented by a independent project manager, it is not uncommon to have the preconstruction pricing come in double to the expected costs. This creates a real dilemma for the project and can often be the demise of the project itself. Church Design and Construction is well qualified to provide proper project budgets. To provide the most accurate budgets, we rely on our education, experience, independent resources, active vendors, and most importantly, our history of church development.

Fundraising Support

If your church plans to have or is in the process of having a capital fundraising campaign for the project, rest assured that Church Design and Construction is here to help. Over the years we have provided many tools including illustrations on the future improvements in order to properly convey the future vision of the fundraising diagram improvements in order to properly convey the future vision of the improvements.


Church Design and Construction provides loan coordination and introduces your loan need to the top church lenders. We understand the differences among the industry lenders and can deliver your loan request to the proper church lender for approval for the highest loan amount and the lowest loan costs, including interests rates.

Project Fund Control

During the construction there will many contractors, vendors, subs of contractors and vendors, material suppliers, and laborers performing services and providing products to improve your church. Church Design and Construction utilizes and introduces you to a fund control vendor service provider that can greatly reduce your risk in many ways including paying vendors directly for services rendered. Fund Control is a critical service that should never be overlooked.