Project Phases and Design Builds

June 20th, 2016 by

Design and Construction Projects Small and Large have a natural development process.  Skipping a step will only create more issues, costs, money in subsequent phases.  Below are the phases for the Architecture, Engineering & Engineering Process.  In the design build project delivery the project leaders are constantly taking into consideration the details of the current issues to future issues during construction in order to avoid delays and change orders.


Feasibility Master Planning – Process of identifying the major issues through research, preliminary drawings and analysis.

Planning & Entitlements – Process of obtaining early City or HOA Approvals on the major issues such as building size, landscape areas, driveway locations, parking, uses, phasing, etc.

Architecture & Engineering – Process of creating detailed construction drawings including, but not limited to, architecture, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and civil engineering.  Such drawings are created for building department submittal, processing and permit approvals.

Final Trade Bidding – Process of obtaining detailed trade bids for each and every trade to create list of trades and bids in order to have a total project costs.

Construction – Process of building the project.

Design Build for Commercial, Labs, Cleanrooms, Churches, and Custom Homes is by far the best way to deliver a project.  Projects that are not Design Build are first designed without a construction team on board and such projects have a myriad of cost overruns and delays.  It is strongly suggested that you always choose design build.