Suggested Action Plan

How do you get your project started???

One suggestion is to f il l out Church Design & Constructions Questionnaire, found on the next page. This will get the ball rolling in the right direction. You can copy the one provided in this brochure and fax it to 877-963-1956 or you can obtain one online at and click on the “Getting Started” button. Another way is to call our general telephone number at 1-800-963-1956.

The most important step in your project’s process is to properly complete Phase 1, which includes the Feasibility Study / Schematic Drawings / General Scope Identification / Preliminary Budgeting.

This phase should be completed by a true church development expert such as CD&C, so that your project may start down a realistic and successful road.

Church Development is a niche industry with many unique characteristics not found in other real estate developments. In addition to the facilities, the church operations and congregational aspects are also unique.

Once you have made contact with Church Design & Construction, we will have a representative discuss your potential project over the telephone. If there is consensus, then CD&C will visit your site and provide a verbal evaluation.

Upon concluding that CD&C will add value and can help your church with your expansion plans, then CD&C will provide a formal proposal for services.